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Vaima Arts trust is an organisation that work with the marginalized communities of the society.

These include street kids,people living with disabilities and orphans.They use music and creative arts to rehabilitate,
advocate and empower these people.They teach them how to play and make Zimbabwean traditional instruments such as marimba,
ngoma,hosho and mbira.They are currently based in Harare(Hatcliffe).
They make marimbas and perform in different joints as a major income generation.
They started their official operations in 2017.Their main objective is to help these communities to help themselves.

Our Projects

  • We use music and creative art to rehabilitate and advocate
    We believe music is therapeutic and it helps rehabilitate the homeless living in the street.
    We give talented homeless kids and kids living with disability an opportunity to nature their musical talents be it singing,dancing or playing instruments.




We can be booked for lessons,workshops weddings,parties,events,festivals

#Adopt A Child

This is our message as Vaima Arts Trust
We are saying during this time of hardship due to Covid 19 people are being advised to stay indoors.This means a lot to Zimbabweans at large since many people are self employed and others are unemployed.Life will become more difficult for almost everyone.In this situation there are people living with disabilities and street kids.Pause and think deeply on how they will survive,what will they eat?
It is against this background that we are appealing to organisation and individuals to team up with us to help those kids in need.We are collecting any donation in cash or kind,we are looking at food,sanitary wear,hand sanitizers that you can offer.Every little thing that you can think of really matters this time.We are running on a theme called #adopt a child in which we can link you directly to a child or you can help through the organisation

Our Patners


Founded in 2017, Vaima Arts Trust is registered  as a Trust in ZImbabwe.

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