Marimba Arts Festival

The Vaima Arts Trust Marimba Schools Movement is a program that teaches marimba to students in schools and communities around Zimbabwe. The program is founded by Kelvin Chikumbirike, who is passionate about Zimbabwean traditional music. He believes that marimba is a powerful tool for cultural preservation and expression.

The program has been successful in spreading Zimbabwean traditional music. Students who have participated in the program have gone on to perform at festivals and competitions around the country. They have also used their skills to teach marimba to others.

The Vaima Arts Trust Marimba Schools Movement is an important part of the Zimbabwean cultural landscape. The program is helping to preserve Zimbabwean traditional music and to create a new generation of marimba players.

Kelvin Chikumbirike and the Vaima Arts Trust are making a difference in the lives of young people in Zimbabwe. They are teaching them a new skill, giving them a sense of community, and helping them to express themselves through music.

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