The marimba is widely played in Zimbabwe, where it is a symbol of cultural identity and heritage. The marimba is used to perform traditional songs and dances, as well as contemporary music genres like jazz, pop, and fusion. The marimba is also a tool for education and social development, as it fosters teamwork, creativity, and self-expression among the players and the audience.

One of the people who is passionate about promoting the marimba in Zimbabwe and beyond is Kelvin Chikumbirike, a musician and teacher who plays and teaches various Zimbabwean traditional instruments such as marimba, mbira, ngoma, and hosho. Kelvin Chikumbirike has been playing the marimba since he was seven years old, and he has performed in many festivals and events around the world. He has also recorded several albums of marimba music, such as Tinoda Marimba (We Love Marimba), which features songs and lyrics by him.

kelvin chikumbirike

kelvin chikumbirike kneeling down holding a marimba

Kelvin Chikumbirike is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with the younger generation, especially those who are disadvantaged or marginalized. He teaches marimba at various schools and community centers, where he helps his students to learn not only how to play the instrument, but also how to appreciate their own culture and history. He also organizes workshops and concerts to showcase the talent and potential of his students and to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the marimba as a cultural treasure.

The marimba is more than just a musical instrument; it is a bridge that connects people across time and space. It is a way of expressing oneself and celebrating one’s roots. It is a way of preserving and passing on the rich and diverse African and Zimbabwean culture to the future generations. By playing and teaching the marimba, Kelvin Chikumbirike and others like him are doing a great service to their community and their country. They are keeping alive the spirit and the sound of the marimba…

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